1011 in history

Died in 1011

Feb 9 Bernard I Duke of Saxony the Duke of Saxony , the second of the Billung dynasty, a son of Duke Herman and Oda. He extended his father's power considerably
Feb 23 Willigis Archbishop of Mainz from 975 until his death as well as a statesman of the Holy Roman Empire.
Nov 5 Mathilde Abbess of Essen Abbess of Essen Abbey from 973 to her death. As granddaughter of Holy Roman Emperor Otto the Great she was a member of the Liudolfing dynasty and became one of the most important abbesses in the history of Essen. She was responsible for the abbey, for its buildings, its precious relics, liturgical vessels and manuscripts, its political contacts, and for commissioning translations and overseeing education. In the unreliable list of Essen Abbesses from 1672, she is listed as the second Abbess Mathilde and as a result, she is sometimes called "Mathilde II" to distinguish her from the earlier abbess of the same name, who is meant to have governed Essen Abbey from 907 to 910 but whose existence is disputed
Nov 21 Emperor Reizei the 63rd emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.
Dec 15 Conrad I Duke of Carinthia Duke of Carinthia from 1004 until his death.