1012 in history

1012 events chronologically

Apr 19 Martyrdom of Ælfheah in Greenwich, London

Born in 1012

Aug 19 Baldwin V Count of Flanders Count of Flanders from 1035 until his death.
Sep 12 Ad-Da'i Yusuf an imam of the Zaidi state in Yemen who ruled for two highly turbulent terms.

Died in 1012

Apr 1 Herman III Duke of Swabia a member of the Conradine dynasty. He was Duke of Swabia from 1003 until 1012
Apr 19 Ælfheah of Canterbury an Anglo-Saxon Bishop of Winchester, later Archbishop of Canterbury. He became an anchorite before being elected abbot of Bath Abbey. His perceived piety and sanctity led to his promotion to the episcopate, and eventually, to his becoming archbishop. Ælfheah furthered the cult of Dunstan and also encouraged learning. He was captured by Viking raiders in 1011 and killed by them the following year after refusing to allow himself to be ransomed. Ælfheah was canonised as a saint in 1078. Thomas Becket, a later Archbishop of Canterbury, prayed to him just before his own murder in Canterbury Cathedral
May 12 Pope Sergius IV Pope and the ruler of the Papal States from 31 July 1009 to his death in 1012.
Oct 18 Coloman of Stockerau a saint of the Catholic Church.