1022 in history

Died in 1022

Mar 12 Symeon the New Theologian a Byzantine Christian monk and poet who was the last of three saints canonized by the Eastern Orthodox church and given the title of "Theologian". "Theologian" was not applied to Symeon in the modern academic sense of theological study, but to recognize someone who spoke from personal experience of the vision of God. One of his principal teachings was that humans could and should experience theoria
Jun 28 Notker Labeo a Benedictine monk and the first commentator on Aristotle active in the Middle Ages. "Labeo" means "the thick lipped". Later he was named Teutonicus in recognition of his services to the German language
Sep 2 Máel Sechnaill mac Domnaill King of Mide and High King of Ireland. His great victory at the Battle of Tara against Olaf Cuaran in 980 resulted in Gaelic control of the Kingdom of Dublin
Nov 20 Bernward of Hildesheim the thirteenth Bishop of Hildesheim from 993 until his death in 1022.