1028 in history

1028 events chronologically

Apr 14 Henry III, son of Conrad, is elected king of the Germans
Nov 12 Future Byzantine empress Zoe takes the throne as empress consort to Romanos III Argyros

Died in 1028

Jan 3 Fujiwara no Michinaga represents the highpoint of the Fujiwara clan's control over the government of Japan.
Apr 10 Fulbert of Chartres the Bishop of Chartres from 1006 till 1028, and a teacher at the Cathedral school there. He was responsible for the advancement of the Nativity of the Virgin's feast day in September 8, and was responsible for one of the many reconstructions of the Cathedral of Chartres. Most of the information we have about him is found in the letters he wrote from 1004–1028, to both secular and religious figures of the day
Aug 7 Alfonso V of León King of León from 999 to 1028. Enough is known of him to justify the belief that he had some of the qualities of a soldier and a statesman. Like other kings of León, he used the title emperor to assert his standing among the Christian rulers of Spain
Nov 11 Constantine VIII reigning Byzantine Emperor from 15 December 1025 until his death. He was the son of the Emperor Romanos II and Theophano, and the younger brother of the eminent Basil II, who died childless and thus left the rule of the Byzantine Empire in his hands