1032 in history

1032 events chronologically

Feb 2 Conrad II, Holy Roman Emperor becomes King of Burgundy

Born in 1032

Feb 16 Emperor Yingzong of Song the fifth emperor of the Song Dynasty of China. His personal name was originally Zhao Zongshi but he later changed it to Zhao Shu. He reigned from 1063 to 1067. His temple name means "Outstandingly Talented Ancestor"
Sep 3 Emperor Go-Sanjō the 71st emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.
Sep 14 Emperor Daozong of Liao now northeastern China. Succeeding his father, Xingzong, in 1055, Daozong ruled until he was murdered in 1101. He was succeeded by his grandson, Tianzuodi. He reigned from August 28, 1055 to February 12, 1101
Oct 4 Sancho VI William of Gascony the Duke of Gascony from 1009 to his death. His reign is most notable for the renewal of Gascons ties with Spain

Died in 1032

Jul 28 Constance of Arles the third wife and queen consort of King Robert II of France.
Sep 6 Rudolph III of Burgundy the last king of an independent Kingdom of Arles, also called the Second Kingdom of Burgundy. He was the son of King Conrad of Burgundy and Queen Matilda of France. He was the last male member of the Burgundian group of the Elder Welfs family