1039 in history

1039 events chronologically

Jun 4 Henry III becomes Holy Roman Emperor

Born in 1039

Apr 16 William III of Weimar count of Weimar from 1003 and of the Eichsfeld from 1022.

Died in 1039

Jan 30 Sophia I Abbess of Gandersheim an Ottonian princess who was Abbess of Gandersheim from 1002, and from 1011 Abbess of Essen. She was an important kingmaker of medieval Germany
Mar 10 Odo of Gascony Duke of Gascony from 1032 and then Duke of Aquitaine and Count of Poitou from 1038.
May 27 Dirk III Count of Holland Count of Holland from 993 to May 27, 1039, until 1005 under regency of his mother. It is thought that Dirk III went on pilgrimage to the Holy Land around 1030, hence his nickname of Hierosolymita
Jun 4 Conrad II Holy Roman Emperor Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire from 1027 until his death in 1039. The founder of the Salian dynasty of emperors, Conrad also served as King of Germany from 1024, King of Italy from 1026, and King of Burgundy from 1033
Jul 20 Conrad II Duke of Carinthia the Salian duke of Carinthia from 1035. His parents were Conrad I and Matilda of Swabia. His father died in 1011 when Conrad the Younger was a minor. Adalbero of Eppenstein was given the duchy of Carinthia. Instead Conrad became count in Nahegau, Speyergau, and Wormsgau
Nov 4 Hugh of Chalon (Auxerre) a member of the house of Chalon. He was bishop of Auxerre and Count of Chalon
Nov 29 Adalbero Duke of Carinthia Duke of Carinthia and Margrave of Verona from 1011 or 1012 until 1035.