1049 in history

Died in 1049

Jan 1 Odilo of Cluny the fifth Benedictine Abbot of Cluny, holding the post for around 54 years.
Jan 12 Abū-Sa'īd Abul-Khayr a famous Persian Sufi and poet who contributed extensively to the evolution of Sufi tradition.
Jan 13 Dirk IV Count of Holland Count of Holland from 1039 to 1049. Dirk's date of birth is unknown but it was probably 1030 or shortly before, he was described as "adolescent" at the time of his death. His base of operations was the stronghold his father built at Vlaardingen. Contemporary chroniclers referred to him as "Theodericus de Phlardirtinga" and as margrave thereof. The exact extent of his domain is not known, but at one time or another it stretched north to at least Rijnsburg and east to roughly Aalburg
Dec 1 Ermesinda of Bigorre a daughter of Bernard-Roger, Count of Bigorre and his wife Garsenda, Heiress of Bigorre. She was a member of the House of Foix, the sister of Bernard II, Count of Bigorre, Roger I, Count of Foix, and perhaps of Stephanie who married García Sánchez III of Navarre