1051 in history

1051 events chronologically

May 19 Henry I of France is married to Anne of Kiev

Born in 1051

Apr 27 Fulk Bertrand of Provence the joint Count of Provence with his elder brother William IV from 1018 and with his younger brother Geoffrey I from at least 1032 if not earlier. After William's death, Fulk assumed the title of margrave, indicating headship of the dynasty. They were the sons of William II, count of Provence
Sep 21 Bertha of Savoy the first wife of Emperor Henry IV, and was Queen of Germany and Holy Roman Empress.

Died in 1051

Mar 25 Hugh IV Count of Maine Count of Maine from 1036 to 1051.
Aug 10 Drogo of Hauteville the second Count of Apulia and Calabria in southern Italy. Initially he was only the leader of those Normans in the service of Prince Guaimar IV of Salerno, but after 1047 he was a territorial prince owing fealty directly to the Emperor