1053 in history

1053 events chronologically

Jun 18 Battle of Civitate: Three thousand horsemen of Norman Count Humphrey rout the troops of Pope Leo IX

Born in 1053

Jul 7 Emperor Shirakawa the 72nd emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.

Died in 1053

Mar 25 Procopius of Sázava a Czech saint. He studied at Prague where he was also ordained. He was a canon and a hermit and then became the founding abbot of Sázava near Prague. He is an alleged author of the Reims Gospel
Apr 15 Godwin Earl of Wessex one of the most powerful earls in England under the Danish king Cnut the Great and his successors. Cnut made him the first Earl of Wessex. Godwin was the father of King Harold Godwinson and Edith of Wessex, wife of King Edward the Confessor