1058 in history

1058 events chronologically

Sep 20 Agnes of Poitou and Andrew I of Hungary meet to negotiate about the border-zone in present-day Burgenland

Died in 1058

Mar 1 Ermesinde of Carcassonne a noblewoman in southern France. She became Countess consort of Barcelona, Girona and Osona
Mar 17 Lulach King of Scots between 15 August 1057 and 17 March 1058.
Mar 29 Pope Stephen IX Pope from 3 August 1057 to his death in 1058.
Aug 2 Judith of Schweinfurt a Duchess of Bohemia.
Nov 28 Casimir I the Restorer a Duke of Poland of the Piast dynasty and the de jure monarch of the entire country from 1034 until his death.