1061 in history

1061 events chronologically

Oct 28 Empress Agnes, acting as regent for her son, brings about the election of bishop Cadalus, the antipope Honorius II

Died in 1061

Jan 28 Spytihněv II Duke of Bohemia the duke of Bohemia from March 1055 until his death in 1061. He was the eldest son of Bretislaus His coronation was celebrated with the first known rendition of Lord, Have Mercy on After succeeding to the throne, he went at once to Regensburg to receive imperial confirmation. This loyalty to the Holy Roman Empire did not prevent him from expelling all Germans from his lands. This new anti-German policy continued to his death
May 5 Humbert of Silva Candida a French Benedictine abbot and later a cardinal. It was his act of excommunicating the Patriarch of Constantinople in 1054 which is generally regarded as the precipitating event of the Great Schism between the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Churches
Jun 28 Floris I Count of Holland Count of Holland, then called Frisia west of the Vlie, from 1049 to 1061. He was a son of Dirk III and Othelindis
Jul 27 Pope Nicholas II Pope from 24 January 1059 to his death in 1061. At the time of his election, he was Bishop of Florence