1065 in history

1065 events chronologically

Dec 28 Westminster Abbey is consecrated

Died in 1065

May 7 Gisela of Hungary a Hungarian Roman Catholic, and the first queen consort of Hungary as the spouse of Saint Stephen of Hungary.
May 18 Frederick Duke of Lower Lorraine the count of Malmedy from 1035 and Duke of Lower Lorraine from 1046. He was a younger son of Frederick, Lord of Gleiberg, and Ermentrude, and grandson of Siegfried, Count of Luxembourg, hence his name
Jun 27 George the Hagiorite a Georgian monk, calligrapher, religious writer, and translator, who spearheaded the activities of Georgian monastic communities in the Byzantine Empire. His epithets Mt'ats'mindeli and At'oneli, meaning "of the Holy Mountain" and "of Athos" respectively, are a reference to his association with the Iviron monastery on Mount Athos, where he served as hegumen
Dec 24 Ferdinand I of León and Castile the Count of Castile from his uncle's death in 1029 and the King of León after defeating his brother-in-law in 1037. According to tradition, he was the first to have himself crowned Emperor of Spain , and his heirs carried on the tradition. He was a younger son of Sancho III of Navarre and Mayor of Castile, and by his father's will recognised the supremacy of his eldest brother, García Sánchez III of Navarre. While Ferdinand inaugurated the rule of the Navarrese Jiménez dynasty over western Spain, his rise to preeminence among the Christian rulers of the peninsula shifted the locus of power and culture westward after more than a century of Leonese decline. Nevertheless, "he internal consolidation of the realm of León–Castilla under Fernando el Magno and Sancha is a history that remains to be researched and written."