1068 in history

1068 events chronologically

Jan 1 Romanos IV Diogenes marries Eudokia Makrembolitissa and is crowned Byzantine Emperor
Aug 5 Byzantine–Norman wars: Italo-Normans begin a nearly-three-year siege of Bari

Born in 1068

Aug 1 Emperor Taizu of Jin Emperor of Jin from January 28, 1115 to September 19, 1123. He was the chieftain of the Jurchen Wanyan tribe, founder and first emperor of the Jin Dynasty. He was the younger brother of Wanyan Wuyashu. Aguda was given the temple name Taizu

Died in 1068

Jan 11 Egbert I Margrave of Meissen the Margrave of Meissen from 1067 until his early death the next year. Egbert was the Count of Brunswick from about 1038, when his father, Liudolf, Margrave of Frisia, died. His mother was Gertrude, the sister of Pope Leo IX
May 22 Emperor Go-Reizei the 70th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.