1071 in history

1071 events chronologically

Apr 15 Bari, the last Byzantine possession in southern Italy, is surrendered to Robert Guiscard
Aug 26 Battle of Manzikert: The Seljuk Turks defeat the Byzantine Army at Manzikert

Born in 1071

Feb 22 Arnulf III Count of Flanders a.k.a Arnulf 'the unlucky' became Count of Flanders as a minor in 1070 and until his death in 1071.
Oct 22 William IX Duke of Aquitaine the Duke of Aquitaine and Gascony and Count of Poitou between 1086 and his death. He was also one of the leaders of the Crusade of 1101. Though his political and military achievements have a certain historical importance, he is best known as the earliest troubadour — a vernacular lyric poet in the Occitan language — whose work survived

Died in 1071

Feb 22 William FitzOsbern 1st Earl of Hereford a relative and close counsellor of William the Conqueror and one of the great magnates of early Norman England. He was created Earl of Hereford before 22 February 1067, one of the first peerage titles in the English peerage
Sep 5 Al-Khatib al-Baghdadi a Sunni Muslim scholar and historian.
Oct 16 Almodis de la Marche the daughter of Bernard I, Count of Marche and wife Amélie. She married Hugh V of Lusignan around 1038 and they had two sons and one daughter: