1075 in history

1075 events chronologically

Oct 8 Dmitar Zvonimir is crowned King of Croatia

Born in 1075

Jun 5 Emperor Tianzuo of Liao the last Khitan emperor of the Liao Dynasty. He succeeded his grandfather Daozong, and reigned from February 12, 1101 to March 26, 1125
Jun 9 Lothair II Holy Roman Emperor Duke of Saxony as well as King of Germany from 1125 and Holy Roman Emperor from 1133 until his death. The son of the Saxon count Gebhard of Supplinburg, his reign was troubled by the constant intriguing of the Hohenstaufen duke Frederick II of Swabia and Duke Conrad of Franconia. He died whilst returning from a successful campaign against the Norman Kingdom of Sicily

Died in 1075

Apr 2 Al-Qa'im (caliph) the Abbasid Caliph in Baghdad from 1031 to 1075. He was the son of the previous Caliph al-Qadir
Jun 9 Gebhard of Supplinburg a member of the Saxon nobility and a son of Bernhard of Supplinburg, Count of Harzgau. Gebhard was the father of Lothair III, Holy Roman Emperor of the short-living Süpplingenburg dynasty
Jun 10 Ernest Margrave of Austria the Margrave of Austria from 1055 to his death in 1075. He was a member of the House of Babenberg
Sep 5 Anne of Kiev the Ruthenian queen consort of Henry I of France from 1051 to 1060, and regent for her son, Philip I of France. Her parents were Yaroslav the Wise, Grand Prince of Kyiv and Novgorod, and Ingegerd Olofsdotter of Sweden, his second wife. Anne founded Vincent Abbey in Senlis
Dec 4 Anno II Archbishop of Cologne from 1056 to 1075.
Dec 18 Edith of Wessex a Queen of England. Her husband was Edward the Confessor, whom she married on 23 January 1045. Unlike most English queens in the 10th and 11th centuries, she was crowned, The principal source on her life is a work she herself commissioned, the Vita Ædwardi Regis or the Life of King Edward who rests at Westminster, which is inevitably biased