1076 in history

1076 events chronologically

Feb 14 Pope Gregory VII excommunicates Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor

Born in 1076

Jan 4 Emperor Zhezong of Song the seventh emperor of the Song Dynasty of China. His personal name was Zhào Xù. He reigned from 1085 to 1100
Feb 27 Godfrey IV Duke of Lower Lorraine a son of Godfrey the Bearded, whom he succeeded as Duke of Lower Lorraine in 1069. His mother was Doda and his sister was Ida
Jun 1 Mstislav I of Kiev the Grand Prince of Kiev , the eldest son of Vladimir II Monomakh by Gytha of Wessex. He figures prominently in the Norse Sagas under the name Harald, taken to allude to his grandfather, Harold II of England. Mstislav's Christian name was Theodore

Died in 1076

Mar 21 Robert I Duke of Burgundy duke of Burgundy from 1032 to his death. Robert was son of King Robert II of France and brother of Henry I of France
Apr 18 Beatrice of Bar She was the daughter of Frederick II, Duke of Upper Lorraine, who was also count of Bar, and Matilda of Swabia. She was married firstly to Boniface III of Tuscany and secondly to Godfrey of Lotharingia. Through her marriage to Boniface, she was marchioness of Tuscany from c.1037/8 to her death in 1076
May 26 Ramon Berenguer I Count of Barcelona Count of Barcelona in 1035–1076. He promulgated the earliest versions of a written code of Catalan law, the Usages of Barcelona
May 31 Waltheof Earl of Northumbria the last of the Anglo-Saxon earls and the only English aristocrat to be executed during the reign of William I.
Jun 4 Sancho IV of Navarre King of Navarre from 1054 to 1076. He was the eldest son and heir of García Sánchez III and his wife Estefanía
Dec 27 Sviatoslav II of Kiev Grand Prince of Kiev between 1073 and 1076. He was born as a younger son of Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise. His baptismal name was Nicholas