1081 in history

1081 events chronologically

Apr 5 Alexios I Komnenos is crowned Byzantine emperor at Constantinople, bringing the Komnenian dynasty to full power
Oct 18 The Normans defeat the Byzantine Empire in the Battle of Dyrrhachium

Born in 1081

Oct 18 Nikephoros Palaiologos a Byzantine general of the 11th century.
Dec 1 Louis VI of France King of the Franks from 1108 until his death. Chronicles called him "roi de Saint-Denis"

Died in 1081

Apr 3 Bolesław II the Generous Duke of Poland from 1058 to 1076 and third King of Poland from 1076 to 1079. He was the eldest son of Duke Casimir I the Restorer and Maria Dobroniega of Kiev
Dec 10 Nikephoros III Botaneiates Byzantine emperor from 1078 to 1081. He belonged to a family claiming descent from the Byzantine Phokas family