1082 in history

1082 events chronologically

Dec 5 Ramon Berenguer II, Count of Barcelona is assassinated

Born in 1082

Jun 7 Emperor Huizong of Song the eighth and one of the most famous emperors of the Song dynasty of China, with a personal life spent amidst luxury, sophistication and art but ending in tragedy. It was during his reign that the Jurchens of the Jin dynasty invaded, beginning the Jin–Song wars. He was captured by the Jurchens and taken to Manchuria in the Jingkang Incident
Nov 11 Ramon Berenguer III Count of Barcelona the count of Barcelona, Girona, and Ausona from 1086 , Besalú from 1111, Cerdanya from 1117, and count of Provence in the Holy Roman Empire, from 1112, all until his death in Barcelona in 1131. As Ramon Berenguer I, he was Count of Provence from 1112 in right of his wife

Died in 1082

Dec 6 Ramon Berenguer II Count of Barcelona Count of Barcelona from 1076 until his death. He ruled jointly with his twin brother, Berenguer Ramon The Chronicle of San Juan de la Pena called him, "... exceeding brave and bold, kind, pleasant, pious, joyful, generous, and of an attractive appearance. Because of the extremely thick hair he had on top of his head, he was known as Cap d'Estop."