1089 in history

Died in 1089

Apr 20 Demetrius Zvonimir of Croatia King of Croatia from 1075 until his death. He was crowned as king in Solin on 8 October 1076. Zvonimir also ruled as Ban of Slavonia , and was named Duke of Croatia in around 1075. His native name was Zvonimir, while the name Demetrius was adopted at his coronation
May 24 Lanfranc an Italian Benedictine monk and successively Prior of Bec Abbey, Abbot of the Abbey of St Stephen in Caen and Archbishop of Canterbury. Due to the places he is associated with, he is also known as Lanfranc of Pavia, Lanfranc of Bec or Lanfranc of Canterbury
Nov 11 Peter Igneus an Italian Benedictine monk of the congregation of the Vallombrosians, abbot and Cardinal Bishop of Albano. He is often referred to as a member of the Aldobrandini family but this familiar denomination is not attested in the contemporary sources