1090 in history

Died in 1090

Mar 22 García II of Galicia the youngest of the three sons and heirs of Ferdinand I, King of Castile and León, and Sancha of León, whose Leonese inheritance included the lands García would be given.
Apr 16 Sikelgaita a Lombard princess, the daughter of Guaimar IV, Prince of Salerno, and second wife of Robert Guiscard, Duke of Apulia. Commanded troops in her own right
May 12 Liutold of Eppenstein Duke of Carinthia and Margrave of Verona from 1077 to 1090, succeeding Duke Berthold II of Zähringen.
May 18 Berthold I Duke of Swabia the Duke of Swabia from 1079 until his death. He was the only son of Rudolf of Rheinfelden, the German anti-king who opposed the Emperor Henry IV
Jun 26 Jaromír (Bishop of Prague) the Bishop of Prague from 1068, when he was appointed by his brother, Vratislaus II of Bohemia. The two were both sons of Duke Bretislaus I of Bohemia
Jul 3 Egbert II Margrave of Meissen Count of Brunswick and Margrave of Meissen. He was the eldest son of the Margrave Egbert I of the Brunonen family