1096 in history

1096 events chronologically

May 18 First Crusade: around 800 Jews are massacred in Worms, Germany
Oct 21 People's Crusade: The Turkish army successfully fight off the People's Army of the West

Born in 1096

Jan 15 Theodora Komnene Angelina a Byzantine noblewoman, being the fourth daughter of Emperor Alexios I Komnenos and Irene Doukaina. She married admiral Constantine Angelos, by whom she had seven children. Byzantine emperors Alexios III Angelos and Isaac II Angelos were her grandsons, thereby making her an ancestress of the Angelos dynasty

Died in 1096

Jan 2 William de St-Calais a medieval Norman monk, abbot of the abbey of Saint-Vincent in Le Mans in Maine, who was nominated by King William I of England as Bishop of Durham in 1080. During his term as bishop, St-Calais replaced the canons of his cathedral chapter with monks, and began the construction of Durham Cathedral. In addition to his ecclesiastical duties, he served as a commissioner for the Domesday Book. He was also a councilor and advisor to both King William I and his son, King William II, known as William Rufus. Following William Rufus' accession to the throne in 1087, St-Calais is considered by scholars to have been the new king's chief advisor
Nov 11 Werner I Count of Habsburg The great-great-great-great-grandfather of Rudolph I of Germany