1098 in history

1098 events chronologically

Jun 2 First Crusade: The first Siege of Antioch ends as Crusader forces take the city. The second siege would later start on June 7
Jun 28 Fighters of the First Crusade defeat Kerbogha of Mosull
Dec 12 First Crusade: Siege of Ma'arrat al-Numan – Crusaders breach the town's walls and massacre about 20,000 inhabitants. After finding themselves with insufficient food, they reportedly resort to cannibalism

Born in 1098

Mar 9 Thoros of Edessa an Armenian ruler of Edessa at the time of the First Crusade. Thoros was a former officer in the Byzantine Empire and a lieutenant of Philaretos Brachamios. He was Armenian but practiced the Greek Orthodox faith
Aug 1 Adhemar of Le Puy bishop of Puy-en-Velay from before 1087.

Died in 1098

Jan 3 Walkelin the first Norman bishop of Winchester.