1119 in history

Born in 1119

Feb 28 Emperor Xizong of Jin reigned from February 10, 1135 to January 9, 1150 as an emperor of the Jin Dynasty which controlled northern China from 1115 to 1234. His birth name was Wányán Hélá. His Han Chinese name was Wányán Dǎn. During his reign, the Jurchens were engaged in a war with the Song Dynasty
Jun 20 Henry de Beaumont 1st Earl of Warwick a Norman nobleman who rose to great prominence in England.
Jun 28 Roger of Salerno regent of the Principality of Antioch from 1112 to 1119. He was the son of Richard of the Principate and the 2nd cousin of Tancred, Prince of Galilee, both participants on the First Crusade. He became regent of Antioch when Tancred died in 1112; the actual prince, Bohemund II, was still a child. Like Tancred, Roger was almost constantly at war with the nearby Muslim states such as Aleppo. In 1114 there was an earthquake that destroyed many of the fortifications of the principality, and Roger took great care to rebuild them, especially those near the frontier
Jul 7 Emperor Sutoku the 75th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.

Died in 1119

Jan 29 Pope Gelasius II Pope from 24 January 1118 to his death in 1119.
Mar 10 Muirchertach Ua Briain King of Munster and later self-declared High King of Ireland.
Jul 17 Baldwin VII Count of Flanders Count of Flanders from 1111 to 1119.
Aug 6 Waleran Duke of Lower Lorraine the Duke of Limburg and Count of Arlon from his father's death in about 1119 until his own twenty years later. He was given the Duchy of Lower Lorraine by Lothair of Supplinburg in 1128 after the latter's accession as King of Germany in 1125
Sep 13 Gleb Vseslavich the prince of Minsk between 1101 and 1119. During his reign Minsk was at war with Kiev and Polatsk. He started the Minsk branch of Prince of Polotsk as son of Vseslav the Seer
Oct 13 Alan IV Duke of Brittany Duke of Brittany from 1084 until his abdication in 1112. He was also Count of Nantes and Count of Rennes. His parents were Hawise, Duchess of Brittany and Hoel He is also known as Alan Fergant. Through his father, he was of the Breton House of Cornouaille dynasty. He was the last Duke of Brittany to speak the Breton language