1139 in history

1139 events chronologically

Apr 8 Roger II of Sicily is excommunicated
Jul 25 Battle of Ourique: The Almoravids, led by Ali ibn Yusuf, are defeated by Prince Afonso Henriques

Born in 1139

Apr 4 Euphemia of Kiev Queen Consort of Hungary. Euphemia was the daughter of Grand Prince Vladimir II of Kiev and his second wife whose name and ancestry are unknown. She was married to King Coloman of Hungary around 1112. However, her husband, who had been suffering from a serious disease, caught her in adultery and immediately sent her back to Kiev. Euphemia gave birth to her son, Boris , in her father's court, but the son was never recognised by King Coloman
Apr 30 Ranulf II Count of Alife the count of Alife and Caiazzo, and for a contested period, Duke of Apulia. He was a member of the Norman Drengot clan which ruled Aversa and Capua for most of the century between 1050 and 1150. As the third Ranulf in his family he is sometimes called Ranulf III. Ranulf's wife, Matilda, was the sister of Roger II of Sicily
Jun 16 Emperor Konoe the 76th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.
Nov 12 Sigurd Slembe a Norwegian pretender to the throne.

Died in 1139

Jan 25 Godfrey I Count of Louvain the landgrave of Brabant, and count of Brussels and Leuven from 1095 to his death and duke of Lower Lorraine from 1106 to 1129. He was also margrave of Antwerp from 1106 to his death
Feb 18 Yaropolk II of Kiev Vladimirovich , Prince of Pereyaslav , Velikiy Kniaz of Kiev , son of Vladimir II Monomakh and Gytha of Wessex. He fought in several campaigns against the Polovtsy , once in 1103 and again in 1116
Jun 30 Otto of Bamberg a medieval German bishop and missionary who, as papal legate, converted much of Pomerania to Christianity.
Aug 19 Godfrey I Count of Namur a Lotharingian nobleman. He was Count jure uxoris of Porcéan from 1097 until his death. From 1102, he was also Count of Namur. He was the oldest son of Count Albert III and his wife Isa of Saxony, the heiress of Laroche
Oct 20 Henry X Duke of Bavaria the Duke of Bavaria , Duke of Saxony , and Margrave of Tuscany.
Nov 12 Magnus IV of Norway King of Norway from 1130 to 1135 and again from 1137 to 1139. His period as king marked the beginning of the civil war era in Norway, which lasted until 1240
Dec 11 Roger of Salisbury a Norman medieval Bishop of Salisbury and the seventh Lord Chancellor and Lord Keeper of England.