1144 in history

1144 events chronologically

Dec 24 The capital of the crusader County of Edessa falls to Imad ad-Din Zengi, the atabeg of Mosul and Aleppo

Born in 1144

Apr 7 Ulrich I Duke of Carinthia the Duke of Carinthia and Margrave of Verona from 1135 until his death. He was the eldest son of Duke Engelbert and Uta, daughter of Burggrave Ulrich of Passau, his namesake. His father abdicated in 1135 and Ulrich was appointed his successor by the Emperor Lothair II at an imperial diet being held in Bamberg

Died in 1144

Mar 8 Pope Celestine II Pope from 25 September 1143 to his death in 1144.
Mar 22 William of Norwich an English boy whose death was, at the time, attributed to the Jewish community of Norwich. It is the first known medieval accusation against Jews of ritual murder
Oct 10 Alfonso of Hauteville the prince of Capua from 1135 to his death. He was named after his maternal grandfather, Alfonso VI of Castile