1156 in history

Born in 1156

Oct 27 Raymond VI Count of Toulouse count of Toulouse and marquis of Provence from 1194 to 1222. He was also count of Melgueil from 1173 to 1190

Died in 1156

Jan 17 André de Montbard the fifth Grand Master of the Knights Templar and also one of the founders of the Order.
Jan 20 Henry (bishop of Finland) a medieval English clergyman. He came to Sweden with cardinal Nicholas Breakspeare in 1153 and was probably designated to the new Archbishop of Uppsala, but the independent church province of Sweden could be established only in 1164 after the civil war was over, and Henry would have been sent to organize the Church in Finland, where Christians had existed already at least two centuries. According to legends, he entered Finland together with King Eric the Saint of Sweden and died as a martyr, becoming a central figure in the local Roman Catholic Church. However, the authenticity of the accounts of his life, ministry, and death are widely disputed
Jul 20 Emperor Toba the 74th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.
Aug 12 Blanche of Navarre Queen of Castile Queen of Castile, the daughter of King García Ramírez of Navarre and his first wife Margaret of L'Aigle.
Dec 25 Richeza of Poland Queen of Sweden queen of Sweden and princess of Minsk through her three marriages.
Dec 25 Peter the Venerable born to Blessed Raingarde in Auvergne, France. He has been honored as a saint but has never been formally canonized