1159 in history

1159 events chronologically

Sep 7 Pope Alexander III chosen

Died in 1159

May 30 Władysław II the Exile a High Duke of Poland and Duke of Silesia from 1138 until his expulsion in 1146. He is the progenitor of the Silesian Piasts
Aug 3 Waltheof of Melrose a 12th-century English abbot and saint. He was the son of Simon I of St Liz, 1st Earl of Northampton and Maud, 2nd Countess of Huntingdon, thus stepson to David I of Scotland, and the grandson of Waltheof, Earl of Northampton
Aug 29 Bertha of Sulzbach the first wife and Empress of Byzantine Emperor Manuel I Comnenus.
Sep 1 Pope Adrian IV pope from 4 December 1154 to his death in 1159.
Oct 11 William I Count of Boulogne Count of Boulogne and Earl of Surrey jure uxoris. He was the third son of King Stephen of England and Countess Matilda I of Boulogne