1160 in history

1160 events chronologically

Nov 13 Louis VII of France marries Adela of Champagne

Born in 1160

Jan 16 Herman III Margrave of Baden Margrave of Verona and Baden.
Jun 23 John of Matha a Christian saint of the 12th century and founder of the Order of the Most Holy Trinity, dedicated to ransoming captive Christians.
Oct 4 Alys Countess of the Vexin the daughter of King Louis VII of France and his second wife Constance of Castile.
Nov 10 Maio of Bari the third of the great admirals of Sicily and the most important man in the Norman kingdom of Sicily during the reign of William Lord Norwich calls him "one of the most influential statesmen in Europe.".

Died in 1160

Jan 23 Fujiwara no Michinori also known as Shinzei , an aristocratic Confucian scholar and Buddhist monk in late Heian period Japan. He was one of the chief advisors to Emperor Nijō, and one of the chief allies of Taira no Kiyomori, particularly during the Heiji Rebellion of 1159
Feb 6 Fujiwara no Nobuyori one of the chief allies of Minamoto no Yoshitomo in the Heiji Rebellion of 1159. As a member of the Fujiwara clan, Nobuyori might have been in line to become regent, and he desired power, which he obtained for a short while following the Rebellion
Feb 11 Minamoto no Yoshitomo the head of the Minamoto clan and a general of the late Heian period of Japanese history. His son Minamoto no Yoritomo became shogun and founded the Kamakura Shogunate, the first shogunate in the history of Japan
Mar 12 Al-Muqtafi the Abbasid Caliph in Baghdad from 1136 to 1160. The continued disunion and contests between Seljuk Turks afforded al-Muqtafi opportunity of not only maintaining his authority in Baghdad, but also extending it throughout Iraq
May 18 Eric IX of Sweden a Swedish king c.1155 – 1160. No historical records of Eric have survived, and all information about him is based on later legends that were aimed at having him established as a saint
Oct 4 Constance of Castile Queen of France as the second wife of Louis VII, who married her following the annulment of his marriage to Eleanor of Aquitaine. She was a daughter of Alfonso VII of León and Berengaria of Barcelona, but her year of birth is not certainly known