1168 in history

Born in 1168

Nov 19 Emperor Ningzong of Song the 13th emperor of the Song Dynasty who reigned from 1194 to 1224. His temple name means "Tranquil Ancestor". His reign was noted for the cultural and intellectual achievements. In particular, Zhu Xi wrote some of his most famous works during this period. However, Ningzong personally was known for aversion to the daoxue spread at court

Died in 1168

Jan 17 Thierry Count of Flanders count of Flanders from 1128 to 1168. He was the youngest son of Duke Thierry II of Lorraine and Gertrude of Flanders. With a record of four campaigns in the Levant and Africa , he had a rare and distinguished record of commitment to crusading
Apr 5 Robert de Beaumont 2nd Earl of Leicester Justiciar of England 1155–1168.
Oct 24 William IV Count of Nevers Auxerre and Tonnerre.