1174 in history

1174 events chronologically

Jul 11 Baldwin IV, 13, becomes King of Jerusalem, with Raymond III, Count of Tripoli as regent and William of Tyre as chancellor
Jul 13 William I of Scotland, a key rebel in the Revolt of 1173–1174, is captured at Alnwick by forces loyal to Henry II of England
Nov 23 Saladin enters Damascus, and adds it to his domain

Born in 1174

Sep 17 Pietro di Miso Italian cardinal. He was elevated to the cardinalate by Pope Adrian IV in the consistory of February 1158. Initially he was cardinal-deacon of Eustachio, but in 1166 he was promoted to the order of cardinal-priests and received titulus San Lorenzo in Damaso. After the double papal election in 1159 he supported the obedience of Pope Alexander III and served as his legate in Hungary. He signed the papal bulls between April 24, 1158 and July 17, 1174

Died in 1174

Jan 18 Vladislaus II Duke of Bohemia the second King of Bohemia from 1158. Before that he had been Duke of Bohemia from 1140. When he abdicated in 1172, the royal title was not yet hereditary
May 15 Nur ad-Din atabeg of Aleppo a member of the Turkic Zengid dynasty which ruled the Syrian province of the Seljuk Empire. He reigned from 1146 to 1174
Jun 28 Andrey Bogolyubsky Grand prince of Vladimir-Suzdal from 1157 till his death. He was the son of Yuri Dolgoruki, who proclaimed Andrei a prince in Vyshhorod. His mother was a Polovtsian/Cuman princess, khan Aepa's/Ayepa's daughter. He was known in the West as Scythian Caesar. Andrey is beatified as a saint in Russian Orthodox Church
Jul 11 Amalric I of Jerusalem King of Jerusalem 1163–1174, and Count of Jaffa and Ascalon before his accession. Amalric was the second son of Melisende of Jerusalem and Fulk of Jerusalem, and succeeded his older brother Baldwin III. During his reign, Jerusalem became more closely allied with the Byzantine Empire, and the two states launched an unsuccessful invasion of Egypt. Meanwhile, the Muslim territories surrounding Jerusalem began to be united under Nur ad-Din and later Saladin. He was the father of three future rulers of Jerusalem, Sibylla, Baldwin IV, and Isabella I