1182 in history

Born in 1182

Aug 1 Pietro da Pavia bishop-elect of Meaux , Cardinal-Priest of Crisogono and finally Cardinal-Bishop of Tusculum. He was papal legate, together with Henri de Marsiac, in southern France against Cathars and Waldenses 1174–1178. He participated in the Third Lateran Council in 1179. Then he was sent again as papal legate to southern France and to Germany. He subscribed the papal bulls issued between October 14, 1173 and July 14, 1182. In 1180 he was elected archbishop of Bourges but it seems that he did not assume that post
Sep 11 Minamoto no Yoriie the second shogun of Japan's Kamakura shogunate, and the first son of first shogun Yoritomo.

Died in 1182

May 12 Valdemar I of Denmark King of Denmark from 1157 until his death in 1182.
May 16 John Komnenos Vatatzes a major military and political figure in the Byzantine Empire during the reigns of Manuel I Komnenos and Alexios II Komnenos. He was born c.1132, and died of natural causes during a rebellion he raised against Andronikos I Komnenos in 1182
Jul 25 Marie I Countess of Boulogne the suo jure Countess of Boulogne from 1159 to 1170. She also held the post of Abbess of Romsey for five years until her abduction by Matthew of Alsace, who forced her to marry him