1183 in history

1183 events chronologically

Aug 14 Taira no Munemori and the Taira clan take the young Emperor Antoku and the three sacred treasures and flee to western Japan to escape pursuit by the Minamoto clan (traditional Japanese date: Twenty-fifth Day of the Seventh Month of the Second Year of Juei)
Nov 17 The Battle of Mizushima

Born in 1183

Jan 21 Ardoino da Piacenza an Italian cardinal. Hi first name is listed also as Arduino
Oct 19 Antipope Callixtus III Antipope from September 1168 to 29 August 1178.

Died in 1183

Feb 20 Peter Cellensis a French Benedictine and bishop.
Apr 10 Peter I of Courtenay the youngest son of Louis VI of France and his second queen consort, Adélaide de Maurienne. He was the father of the Latin Emperor Peter II of Courtenay
Jun 11 Henry the Young King the second of five sons of Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine but the first to survive infancy. He was officially King of England; Duke of Normandy, Count of Anjou and Maine
Jul 11 Otto I Duke of Bavaria Duke of Bavaria from 1180 until his death. He was the first Bavarian ruler from the House of Wittelsbach, a dynasty which reigned until the abdication of King Ludwig III of Bavaria in the German Revolution of 1918
Aug 12 Margaret of Navarre the queen consort of the Kingdom of Sicily during the reign of William I and the regent during the minority of her son, William II.