Died in 1185

Feb 9 Theodoric I Margrave of Lusatia the Margrave of Lusatia from 1156 until his death. He was the second surviving son of Conrad, Margrave of Meissen and Lusatia from the House of Wettin, from whom he inherited the latter territory including Eilenburg and Landsberg in 1156, while his elder brother Otto the Rich inherited Meissen
Mar 16 Baldwin IV of Jerusalem called the Leper or the Leprous, reigned as King of Jerusalem from 1174 until his death. He was the son of Amalric I of Jerusalem and his first wife, Agnes of Courtenay
Mar 24 Emperor Antoku the 81st emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession. His reign spanned the years from 1180 through 1185. During this time, the imperial family was involved in a bitter struggle between warring clans. Yoritomo, with his cousin Yoshinaka, led a force from the Minamoto clan against the Taira, who controlled the emperor. During the sea battle of Dan-no-ura in March 1185, a member of the royal household took Antoku and plunged with him into the water in the Shimonoseki Straits, drowning the child emperor rather than allowing him to be captured by the opposing forces. The conflict between the clans led to numerous legends and tales. Antoku's tomb is said to be located in a number of places around western Japan, including the island of Iwo Jima, a result of the spreading of legends about the emperor and the battle
Mar 30 Beatrice of Rethel a French noblewoman and the third Queen consort of the King Roger II of Sicily.
Jun 16 Richeza of Poland Queen of Castile a Polish princess of the House of Piast in the Silesian branch. By her marriages she was Queen consort of León and Castile, Countess of Provence, and Countess of Everstein
Sep 11 Stephen Hagiochristophorites the most powerful member of the court of Byzantine emperor Andronikos I Komnenos , and was killed by Isaac II Angelos, who the next day deposed and replaced Andronikos, while trying to arrest him.
Sep 12 Andronikos I Komnenos Byzantine Emperor from 1183 to 1185. He was the son of Isaac Komnenos and grandson of Emperor Alexios I Komnenos
Nov 25 Pope Lucius III born Ubaldo Allucingoli, reigned from 1 September 1181 to his death in 1185.
Dec 6 Afonso I of Portugal the first King of Portugal. He achieved the independence of the southern part of the Kingdom of Galicia, the County of Portugal, from Galicia's overlord, the King of León, in 1139, establishing a new kingdom and doubling its area with the Reconquista, an objective that he pursued until his death, in 1185, after forty-six years of wars against the Moors