1186 in history

1186 events chronologically

Jan 27 Henry VI, the son and heir of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I, marries Constance of Sicily
Aug 17 Georgenberg Pact: Duke Ottokar IV of Styria and Duke Leopold V of Austria sign a heritage agreement in which Ottokar gives his duchy to Leopold and to his son Frederick under the stipulation that Austria and Styria would henceforth remain undivided

Born in 1186

May 18 Konstantin of Rostov the eldest son of Vsevolod the Big Nest and Maria Shvarnovna.
Jun 1 Minamoto no Yukiie the brother of Minamoto no Yoshitomo, and one of the commanders of the Minamoto forces in the Genpei War at the end of the Heian period of Japanese history.
Jul 25 Hugh de Lacy Lord of Meath an Anglo-Norman magnate. He had substantial land holdings in Herefordshire and Shropshire, England. Following his participation in the Norman Invasion of Ireland, he was granted the lands of the Kingdom of Meath by the Anglo-Norman King Henry II of England in 1172. The Lordship of Meath was the most extensive liberty in Ireland

Died in 1186

Aug 19 Geoffrey II Duke of Brittany Duke of Brittany and 3rd Earl of Richmond between 1181 and 1186, through his marriage with the heiress Constance. Geoffrey was the fourth son of King Henry II of England and Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine
Sep 29 William of Tyre a medieval prelate and chronicler. As archbishop of Tyre, he is sometimes known as William II to distinguish him from a predecessor, William of Malines. He grew up in Jerusalem at the height of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, which had been established in 1099 after the First Crusade, and he spent twenty years studying the liberal arts and canon law in the universities of Europe
Dec 8 Berthold IV Duke of Zähringen a Duke of Zähringen and Rector of Burgundy. He founded numerous cities, including Fribourg