1187 in history

1187 events chronologically

Jul 4 The Crusades: Battle of Hattin: Saladin defeats Guy of Lusignan, King of Jerusalem
Sep 20 Saladin begins the Siege of Jerusalem
Oct 2 Siege of Jerusalem: Saladin captures Jerusalem after 88 years of Crusader rule

Born in 1187

Feb 23 Ferdinand Count of Flanders reigned as jure uxoris Count of Flanders and Hainaut from his marriage to Countess Joan, celebrated in Paris in 1212, until his death. He was born in Coimbra, and he was an Infante of Portugal as the fourth son of King Sancho I of Portugal and Dulce of Aragon
Feb 23 Peter I Count of Urgell the second son of King Sancho I of Portugal and his wife Dulce, infanta of Aragon, and would eventually become Count of Urgell and Lord of the Balearic Islands.
Mar 29 Arthur I Duke of Brittany 4th Earl of Richmond and Duke of Brittany between 1196 and 1202. He was the posthumous son of Geoffrey II, Duke of Brittany and Constance, Duchess of Brittany. Geoffrey was a son of Henry II of England, younger than Richard I but older than John. In 1190 Arthur was designated heir to the throne of England and its French territory by his uncle, Richard I, the intent being that Arthur would succeed Richard in preference to Richard's younger brother John. Nothing is recorded of Arthur after his incarceration in Rouen Castle in 1203, and his precise fate is unknown
Sep 5 Louis VIII of France a Capetian King of France who reigned from 1223 to 1226, he was also disputed King of England from 1216 to 1217. Louis VIII was born in Paris, the son of Philip II and Isabelle of Hainaut from whom he inherited the County of Artois

Died in 1187

Mar 18 Bogusław I Duke of Pomerania Duke of Pomerania-Stettin from 1156 to 1187. He ruled the Duchy of Pomerania jointly with his brother Casimir I of Pomerania-Demmin. His father was Wartislaw He was first married to Walburgis , daughter of Valdemar I of Denmark and later to Anastasia, daughter of Mieszko III of Poland and Eudoxia of Kiev. With his second wife, he had 5 children
May 6 Ruben III Prince of Armenia the ninth lord of Armenian Cilicia or “Lord of the Mountains”.
Jul 4 Raynald of Châtillon a knight who served in the Second Crusade and remained in the Holy Land after its defeat. Raynald was an enormously controversial character in his own lifetime and beyond; Muslim writers often took him to be the chief enemy of Islam
Oct 1 Yaroslav Osmomysl the most famous Prince of Halych from the first dynasty of its rulers, which descended from Yaroslav I's eldest son. His sobriquet, meaning "Eight-Minded" in Old East Slavic, was granted to him in recognition of his wisdom. Some scholars even assert that Yaroslav was fluent in eight foreign languages
Oct 20 Pope Urban III born Uberto Crivelli, reigned from 25 November 1185 to his death in 1187.
Nov 9 Emperor Gaozong of Song the tenth emperor of the Song dynasty of China. He reigned from 1127 to 1162. Gaozong fled south after the Jurchens overran Kaifeng during the Jingkang Incident of the Jin–Song wars and became the first emperor of what is now known as the Southern Song dynasty after he reëstablished his seat of government at Lin'an
Dec 17 Pope Gregory VIII born Alberto di Morra, reigned from 25 October to his death in 1187.