1188 in history

1188 events chronologically

Mar 21 Emperor Antoku accedes to the throne of Japan

Born in 1188

Mar 4 Blanche of Castile Queen of France as the wife of Louis VIII. She acted as regent twice during the reign of her son, Louis She was born in Palencia, Spain, 1188, the third daughter of Alfonso VIII, king of Castile, and Eleanor of England. Eleanor was a daughter of Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine
Nov 4 Theobald of Ostia a French cardinal.

Died in 1188

Jan 22 Ferdinand II of León King of León and Galicia from 1157 to his death.
Jan 26 Eysteinn Erlendsson Archbishop of Nidaros from 1161 to his death in 1188.
Oct 11 Robert I Count of Dreux the fifth son of Louis VI of France and Adélaide de Maurienne. Through his mother he was related to the Carolingians and to the Marquess William V of Montferrat
Nov 17 Usama ibn Munqidh a medieval Muslim poet, author, faris , and diplomat from the Banu Munqidh dynasty of Shaizar in northern Syria. His life coincided with the rise of several medieval Muslim dynasties, the arrival of the First Crusade, and the establishment of the crusader states
Dec 4 Berthold I of Istria the Margrave of Istria as Berthold I from 1173 until 1188. He was the son of Berthold II, Count of Andechs, Dießen, Plassenberg and Stein and his first wife Sophie of Istria