1198 in history

Born in 1198

Jul 24 Berthold of Hanover a German Cistercian and Bishop of Livonia, who met his death in a crusade against the pagan Livonians.
Aug 24 Alexander II of Scotland King of Scots from 1214 to his death.

Died in 1198

Jan 8 Pope Celestine III born Giacinto Bobone, reigned from 21 March 1191 to his death in 1198. He was born into the noble Orsini family in Rome, though he was only a cardinal deacon before becoming pope. He was ordained a priest on 13 April 1191, ruled the church six years, nine months, and nine days before he died aged 92. He was buried at the Lateran
Mar 11 Marie of France Countess of Champagne the elder daughter of Louis VII of France and his first wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine.
Apr 16 Frederick I Duke of Austria (Babenberg) the Duke of Austria from 1195 to 1198. He was a member of the House of Babenberg
Nov 27 Constance Queen of Sicily the heiress of the Norman kings of Sicily and the wife of Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor. She was Queen of Sicily in 1194–98, jointly with her husband from 1194 to 1197, and with her infant son Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor, in 1198
Nov 29 Al-Aziz Uthman a Kurdish ruler and the second Ayyubid Sultan of Egypt. He was the second son of Saladin
Dec 2 Ruaidrí Ua Conchobair King of Connacht from 1156 to 1186, and High King of Ireland from 1166 to 1183. He was the last High King of Ireland before the Norman invasion
Dec 10 Averroes the Latinized form of Ibn Rushd , full name ʾAbū l-Walīd Muḥammad Ibn ʾAḥmad Ibn Rušd , was a mediæval Andalusian Muslim polymath. He wrote on logic, Aristotelian and Islamic philosophy, theology, the Maliki school of Islamic jurisprudence, psychology, political and Andalusian classical music theory, geography, mathematics, and the mediæval sciences of medicine, astronomy, physics, and celestial mechanics. Averroes was born in Córdoba, Al Andalus , and died at Marrakesh in present-day Morocco. His body was interred in his family tomb at Córdoba. The 13th-century philosophical movement based on Averroes's work is called Averroism