1200 in history

1200 events chronologically

May 22 King John of England and King Philip II of France sign the Treaty of Le Goulet
Aug 24 King John of England, signer of the first Magna Carta, marries Isabella of Angoulême in Bordeaux Cathedral
Oct 8 Isabella of Angoulême is crowned Queen consort of England

Born in 1200

Jan 19 Dōgen a Japanese Zen Buddhist teacher born in Kyōto. He founded the Sōtō school of Zen in Japan after travelling to China and training under Rujing, a master of the Chinese Caodong lineage
Oct 9 Isabel Marshal a medieval English countess. She was the wife of both Gilbert de Clare, 4th Earl of Hertford and 5th Earl of Gloucester and Richard, 1st Earl of Cornwall. With the former, she was a great grandparent of King Robert the Bruce of Scotland
Oct 28 Louis IV Landgrave of Thuringia the Landgrave of Thuringia from 1217 to 1227.

Died in 1200

Jan 13 Otto I Count of Burgundy Count of Burgundy from 1190 to his death and briefly Count of Luxembourg from 1196 to 1197. He was the fourth son of Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa by his second wife Countess Beatrice I of Burgundy, heiress of Count Renaud III
Feb 13 Stefan Nemanja the Grand Prince of the Serbian Grand Principality from 1166 to 1196. He was an heir of the Vukanović dynasty and was the founder of the Nemanjić dynasty. He issued the "Hilandar Charter" for the newly founded monastery at Mount Athos
Apr 23 Zhu Xi a Song dynasty Confucian scholar who was the leading figure of the School of Principle and the most influential rationalist Neo-Confucian in China. His contributions to Chinese philosophy including his assigning special significance to the Analects, the Mencius, the Great Learning, and the Doctrine of the Mean , his emphasis on the investigation of things , and the synthesis of all fundamental Confucian concepts, formed the basis of Chinese bureaucracy and government for over 700 years. He has been called the second most influential thinker in Chinese history, after Confucius himself
May 25 Nicholas I Lord of Mecklenburg the ruling Lord of Mecklenburg from 1178 until his death. He was the son of Wertislaw, Lord of Rostock and Prince of the Obotrites
Oct 1 Frederick I Burgrave of Nuremberg the first Burgrave of Nuremberg from the House of Hohenzollern. He was the younger son of Count Friedrich II of Zollern, and became Count of Zollern as Friedrich III after the death of his other male relatives
Oct 25 Conrad of Wittelsbach the Archbishop of Mainz and Archchancellor of Germany from 20 June 1161 to 1165 and again from 1183 to his death. He was also a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church