1209 in history

1209 events chronologically

Jul 22 Massacre at Béziers: The first major military action of the Albigensian Crusade
Oct 21 Otto IV is crowned emperor of the Holy Roman Empire by Pope Innocent III

Born in 1209

Jan 5 Richard 1st Earl of Cornwall Count of Poitou , 1st Earl of Cornwall and German King. He was one of the wealthiest men in Europe and joined the Barons' Crusade, where he achieved success as a negotiator for the release of prisoners and assisted with the building of the citadel in Ascalon
Jan 10 Möngke Khan the fourth Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, ruling from July 1, 1251 to August 11, 1259. He was the first Great Khan from the Toluid line and made significant reforms to improve the administration of the Empire during his reign. Under Möngke, the Mongols conquered Iraq and Syria as well as the kingdom of Nanzhao. He was given the Chinese-style temple name Emperor Xianzong of Yuan by his successor Kublai Khan, who founded the Yuan Dynasty
Sep 8 Sancho II of Portugal King of Portugal from 1223 to 1247. He was succeeded by his brother, King Afonso III, in 1247
Dec 7 Vasilko Konstantinovich the first Prince of Rostov, Russia. He was the son of Konstantin of Rostov

Died in 1209

Nov 10 Raymond Roger Trencavel a member of the noble Trencavel family. He was viscount of Béziers and Albi , and viscount of Carcassonne and the Razès
Nov 12 Phillipe de Plessis the 13th Grand Master of the Knights Templar. He was born in the fortress of Plessis-Macé, Anjou, France. In 1189 he joined the Third Crusade as a simple knight, and discovered the Order of the Temple in Palestine. After the death of Gilbert Horal he became Grand Master. He helped uphold the treaty between Saladin and Richard In the renewal of this treaty in 1208 he suggested that the Teutonic Order and Hospitallers should make a new peace treaty offer with Malek-Adel. The accord was criticised by Pope Innocent III
Dec 1 Alfonso II Count of Provence the second son of Alfonso II of Aragon and Sancha of Castile. His father transferred the County of Provence from his uncle Sancho to him in 1185. Alfonso II was born in Barcelona