1210 in history

1210 events chronologically

Oct 18 Pope Innocent III excommunicates Otto IV, Holy Roman Emperor
Nov 18 Pope Innocent III excommunicates Holy Roman Emperor Otto IV

Born in 1210

May 5 Afonso III of Portugal the first to use the title King of Portugal and the Algarve, from 1249. He was the second son of King Afonso II of Portugal and his wife, Urraca of Castile; he succeeded his brother, King Sancho II of Portugal, who was removed from the throne on 4 January 1248
Jun 24 Floris IV Count of Holland Count of Holland from 1222 to 1234. He was born at The Hague, a son of William I of Holland and his first wife, Adelaide of Guelders
Jul 22 Joan of England Queen of Scotland Queen consort of Scotland from 1221 until her death. She was the third child of John, King of England and Isabella of Angoulême

Died in 1210

Jul 17 Sverker II of Sweden King of Sweden from 1196 to 1208.