1211 in history

1211 events chronologically

Oct 15 Battle of the Rhyndacus: The Latin emperor Henry of Flanders defeats the Nicaean emperor Theodore I Lascaris

Born in 1211

Apr 25 Frederick II Duke of Austria the Duke of Austria and the Duke of Styria from 1230 to his death in 1246. He was the fifth and last Duke of Austria from the House of Babenberg
Jun 20 Agnes of Bohemia a medieval Bohemian princess who opted for a life of charity, mortification of the flesh and piety over a life of luxury and comfort. Although she was venerated soon after her death, Agnes was not beatified or canonized for over 700 years
Sep 22 Ibn Khallikan a 13th Century Shafi'i Islamic scholar of Arab or Kurdish origin.

Died in 1211

Mar 14 Pietro Gallocia an Italian cardinal.
May 16 Mieszko IV Tanglefoot a Duke of Silesia from 1163 to 1173 , Duke of Racibórz from 1173, Duke of Opole from 1202 and from 9 June 1210 until his death, Duke of Kraków and High Duke of Poland.
Aug 9 William de Braose 4th Lord of Bramber also Lord of Gower, Abergavenny, Brecknock, Builth, Radnor, Kington, Limerick, Glamorgan, Skenfrith, Briouze in Normandy, Grosmont, and White Castle.