1216 in history

1216 events chronologically

Jun 14 First Barons' War: Prince Louis of France captures the city of Winchester and soon conquers over half of the Kingdom of England
Oct 12 John, King of England loses his crown jewels in The Wash, probably near Fosdyke, perhaps near Sutton Bridge
Oct 19 King John of England dies at Newark-on-Trent and is succeeded by his nine-year-old son Henry
Dec 22 Pope Honorius III approves the Dominican Order through the papal bull of confirmation Religiosam vitam

Born in 1216

Sep 25 Robert I Count of Artois the first Count of Artois, the fifth son of Louis VIII of France and Blanche of Castile.

Died in 1216

Jan 18 Guy II of Dampierre constable of Champagne, and Lord of Dampierre, Bourbon and Montluçon. He was the only son of William I of Dampierre, Lord of Dampierre, and Ermengarde of Mouchy
Apr 10 Eric X of Sweden the King of Sweden between 1208 and 1216. Also known as Eric the Survivor when he became king, he was the only remaining son of King Canute I of Sweden and his queen of an undetermined name, who probably was Cecilia Johansdotter. He was born around 1180 in Eriksberg royal manor
Jun 11 Henry of Flanders the second emperor of the Latin Empire of Constantinople. He was a younger son of Baldwin V, Count of Hainaut , and Margaret I of Flanders, sister of Philip of Alsace, count of Flanders
Jul 16 Pope Innocent III reigned from 8 January 1198 to his death. His birth name was Lotario dei Conti di Segni, sometimes anglicised to Lothar of Segni
Oct 19 John King of England King of England from 6 April 1199 until his death in 1216. Following the battle of Bouvines, John lost the duchy of Normandy to King Philip II of France, which resulted in the collapse of most of the Angevin Empire and contributed to the subsequent growth in power of the Capetian dynasty during the 13th century. The baronial revolt at the end of John's reign led to the sealing of the Magna Carta, a document sometimes considered to be an early step in the evolution of the constitution of the United Kingdom