Died in 1219

Feb 6 Robert of Courçon an English cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church.
Feb 13 Minamoto no Sanetomo the third shogun of the Kamakura shogunate Sanetomo was the second son of the founder of the Kamakura shogunate Minamoto no Yoritomo, his mother was Hōjō Masako, and his older brother was the second Kamakura shogun Minamoto no Yoriie.
May 1 Raoul I of Lusignan the second son of Hugues de Lusignan, Co-Seigneur de Lusignan in 1164 , and wife, married before 1162, Orengarde N, who died in 1169, and grandson of Hugh VIII. He became Seigneur d'Issoudun before 1200, Count of Eu by marriage, Seigneur de Melle, de Chize, de Civray and de La Mothe. He was buried at the Priory of Fontblanche, in Exoudun
May 2 Leo I King of Armenia the tenth lord of Armenian Cilicia or “Lord of the Mountains” , and the first king of Armenian Cilicia.
May 14 William Marshal 1st Earl of Pembroke an English soldier and statesman. Stephen Langton eulogized him as the "best knight that ever lived." He served four kings – Henry II, Richard the Lionheart, John Lackland, and Henry III – and rose from obscurity to become a regent of England for the last of the four, and so one of the most powerful men in Europe. Before him, the hereditary title of "Marshal" designated head of household security for the king of England; by the time he died, people throughout Europe referred to him simply as "the Marshal". He received the title of "1st Earl of Pembroke" through marriage during the second creation of the Pembroke Earldom
Jun 17 David of Scotland Earl of Huntingdon a Scottish prince and Earl of Huntingdon. He was, until 1198, heir to the Scottish throne
Nov 5 Hugh IX of Lusignan the grandson of Hugh VIII. His father, also Hugh , was the co-seigneur of Lusignan from 1164, marrying a woman named Orengarde before 1162 or about 1167 and dying in 1169. Hugh IX became seigneur of Lusignan in 1172, seigneur of Couhe and Chateau-Larcher in the 1190s, and Count of La Marche on his grandfather's death. Hugh IX died on the Fifth Crusade at Damietta on 5 November 1219
Dec 17 Conon de Béthune a crusader and "trouvère" poet.