1221 in history

Born in 1221

Oct 9 Salimbene di Adam a source for Italian history of the 13th century.
Nov 23 Alfonso X of Castile the King of Castile, León and Galicia from 30 May 1252 until his death. During the Imperial election of 1257, a dissident faction chose him to be King of the Romans on 1 April. He renounced his imperial claim in 1275, and in creating an alliance with England in 1254 his claim on Gascony also

Died in 1221

Jan 17 Walter II de Clifford a Welsh Marcher Lord and High Sheriff in England.
Jan 18 Theodoric I Margrave of Meissen the Margrave of Meissen from 1198 until his death. He was the second son of Otto II, Margrave of Meissen and Hedwig of Brandenburg
Mar 27 Berengaria of Portugal a Portuguese infanta, later Queen consort of Denmark. She was the fifth daughter of Portuguese King Sancho I and Dulce of Aragon. She married Danish King Valdemar II and was the mother of Danish kings Eric IV, Abel and Christopher I
Jun 21 Henry III Duke of Limburg the Duke of Limburg and Count of Arlon from 1165 to his death. He was the son and successor of Henry II and Matilda of Saffenberg
Aug 6 Saint Dominic a Spanish priest and founder of the Dominican Order. Dominic is the patron saint of astronomers
Oct 4 William IV Count of Ponthieu William III, Count of Ponthieu and William He was Count of Ponthieu, ruler of a small province in northern France that fell under the suzerainty of the dukes of Normandy since at least the mid 11th century. He was son and heir of John I, Count of Ponthieu by his third wife Beatrice de St Pol
Oct 21 Alix Duchess of Brittany hereditary Duchess of Brittany and 5th Countess of Richmond from 1203 to her death.