1222 in history

Born in 1222

Mar 28 Hermann II Landgrave of Thuringia the Landgrave of Thuringia and the son of Louis IV, Landgrave of Thuringia, and Saint Elizabeth of Hungary.
Apr 6 Nichiren a Buddhist monk who lived during the Kamakura period in Japan. Nichiren taught devotion to the Lotus Sutra — which contained Gautama Buddha's teachings towards the end of his life — as the exclusive means to attain enlightenment. Nichiren believed that this sutra contained the essence of all of Gautama Buddha's teachings relating to the laws of cause and effect, karma and to lead all people without distinction to enlightenment. This devotion to the sutra entails the chanting of Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō as the essential practice of the teaching
Aug 4 Richard de Clare 6th Earl of Gloucester son of Gilbert de Clare, 4th Earl of Hertford and Isabel Marshal. On his father's death, when he became Earl of Gloucester , he was entrusted first to the guardianship of Hubert de Burgh. On Hubert's fall, his guardianship was given to Peter des Roches ; and in 1235 to Gilbert, Earl Marshall
Aug 12 Vladislaus III Duke of Bohemia the youngest son of Vladislaus II and younger brother of Ottokar On 22 June 1197, he was elected Duke of Bohemia. Faced with an uprising in favour of Ottokar, Vladislaus abdicated a few months later, on 6 December. Ottokar then took the Bohemian throne without imperial approval and compensated Vladislaus with the near-autonomous margravate of Moravia. By his repudiation of the throne, Vladislaus helped to bring an end to the destructive dynastic wars of the Přemyslids, which had lasted for over twenty-five years from the death of his father. He was the 25th and last duke of Bohemia

Died in 1222

Feb 1 Alexios I of Trebizond Megas Komnenos or Alexius I Megas Comnenus was, with his brother David, the founder of the Empire of Trebizond, which he ruled from 1204 until his death in 1222. The two brothers were the only male descendants of the Byzantine Emperor Andronikos I, who had been dethroned and killed in 1185, and thus claimed to represent the legitimate government of the Empire following the conquest of Constantinople by the Fourth Crusade in 1204. Although his rivals governing the Nicaean Empire succeeded in becoming the de facto successors, and rendered his dynastic claims to the imperial throne moot, Alexios' descendants continued to emphasize both their heritage and connection to the Komnenian dynasty by referring to themselves as Megas Komnenos or Grand Komnenos
Feb 4 William I Count of Holland Count of Holland from 1203 to 1222. He was the younger son of Floris III and Ada of Huntingdon
Mar 10 John I of Sweden a Swedish king elected in 1216.
Jun 23 Constance of Aragon an Aragonese infanta who was by marriage firstly Queen consort of Hungary, and secondly Queen consort of Germany and Sicily and Holy Roman Empress. She was regent of Sicily from 1212–1220
Jun 30 Adolf of Osnabrück born in Tecklenburg about 1185, a member of the family of the Counts of Tecklenburg in the Duchy of Westphalia. During his lifetime, he became known as the "Almoner of the Poor", and is honored as a saint by the Catholic Church
Aug 1 Raymond VI Count of Toulouse count of Toulouse and marquis of Provence from 1194 to 1222. He was also count of Melgueil from 1173 to 1190