1225 in history

1225 events chronologically

Dec 31 The Lý Dynasty of Vietnam ends after 216 years by the enthronement of the boy emperor Trần Thái Tông, husband of the last Lý monarch, Lý Chiêu Hoàng, starting the Trần Dynasty

Born in 1225

Jan 28 Thomas Aquinas also known as the "Doctor Angelicus" and "Doctor Communis". "Aquinas" is from the county of Aquino, an area in which his family held land until 1137. He was born in Roccasecca, Italy

Died in 1225

Jan 3 Adolf III of Holstein the ruler of the Counties of Schauenburg and Holstein. He is particularly remembered for his establishment of a new settlement for traders on the banks of the Alster near the Neue Burg in Hamburg
Oct 28 Jien a Japanese poet, historian, and Buddhist monk.
Nov 7 Engelbert II of Berg archbishop of Cologne and a saint; he was notoriously murdered by a member of his own family.