Died in 1227

Jan 28 Henry Borwin I Lord of Mecklenburg the ruling Lord of Mecklenburg from 1178 until his death. Sometimes a Latinized version of his name is used ; the form Buruwe is also found, as are Henricus Buruwi, Heinricus Buriwoi, Hinricus Burwy
Mar 18 Pope Honorius III Pope from 18 July 1216 to his death in 1227.
Apr 28 Henry V Count Palatine of the Rhine count palatine of the Rhine from 6 August 1195 to 1213.
Jul 23 Qiu Chuji a Daoist disciple of Wang Chongyang. He was the most famous among the Seven True Daoists of the North. He was the founder of the Dragon Gate sect of Taoism attracting the largest following in the streams of traditions flowing from the sects of the disciples
Aug 18 Genghis Khan the founder and Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, which became the largest contiguous empire in history after his demise.
Sep 11 Louis IV Landgrave of Thuringia the Landgrave of Thuringia from 1217 to 1227.
Sep 29 Conrad of Urach a Cistercian monk and abbot, and Cardinal Bishop of Porto and Santa Rufina; he declined the papacy.
Nov 24 Leszek I the White Prince of Sandomierz and High Duke of Poland from 1194 until his death, except for the short periods following his deposition as Polish ruler. Both his uncle, Duke Mieszko III the Old, and his cousin, Władysław III Spindleshanks, from the Greater Polish branch of the royal Piast dynasty contested Leszek's right to be senior duke during this era. Leszek was crowned in 1202. Other sources give a complicated picture of Leszek's rule, where between 1198 and 1210 there were three points of Leszek's removal from the throne. He is considered in this plan to have been ousted in 1198, restored in 1199, ousted in 1202 and restored again in 1206 and then ousted a third time in 1210 and restored in 1211. The third ousting involved putting Duke Mieszko IV Tanglefoot of the Silesian Piasts in as the chief ruler of Poland