1235 in history

Born in 1235

Nov 2 Henry of Almain the son of Richard, 1st Earl of Cornwall and Isabel Marshal.
Nov 19 Henry XIII Duke of Bavaria Duke of Lower Bavaria. As Duke of Lower Bavaria, he is also called Henry I

Died in 1235

Sep 5 Henry I Duke of Brabant named "The Courageous", Duke of Brabant and Duke of Lower Lotharingia until his death.
Sep 21 Andrew II of Hungary King of Hungary and Croatia between 1205 and 1235, and reigned in the Principality of Halych from 1188 till 1189 or 1190, and between 1208 or 1209 and 1210, using the title king during the latter period. He was the younger son of Béla III of Hungary, who invested him with the government of the Principality of Halych. His rule was unpopular and the boyars expelled him. Béla III willed landed property and money to Andrew, obliging him to lead a crusade to the Holy Land. However, after his father's death in 1196, Andrew rose up in rebellion against his elder brother, Emeric of Hungary, forcing him to cede Croatia and Dalmatia as appanage to him. In addition, Andrew occupied Hum
Nov 5 Elisabeth of Swabia a German princess member of the House of Hohenstaufen and by marriage Queen consort of Castile and Leon.
Dec 9 Robert Fitzwalter the leader of the baronial opposition against King John, and one of the twenty-five sureties of Magna Carta. He was feudal baron of Little Dunmow, Essex and constable of Baynard's Castle, in London, to which was annexed the hereditary office of castellain and chief banneret of the City of London. Part of the official aristocracy created by Henry I and Henry II, he served John in the wars in Normandy, in which he was taken prisoner by King Philip II of France and forced to pay a heavy ransom