1237 in history

1237 events chronologically

Aug 15 The Battle of the Puig takes place in the context of the Spanish Reconquista pitting the forces of the Taifa of Valencia against the Kingdom of Aragon. The battle resulted in an Aragonese victory
Sep 25 England and Scotland sign the Treaty of York, establishing the location of their common border
Dec 21 The city of Ryazan is sacked by the Mongol army of Batu Khan

Died in 1237

Feb 13 Jordan of Saxony The Blessed Jordan of Saxony, O.P. was one of the first leaders of the Dominican Order. His feast day is February 15
Mar 14 Guigues VI of Viennois the Count of Albon, Briançon, Grenoble, and Oisans from 1228 until his death. He was the son of Hugh III of Burgundy and Béatrice of Albon. He took his regnal name after and inherited the titles and lands of his maternal grandfather, Guigues V
Mar 27 John of Brienne a French nobleman who became King of Jerusalem by marriage, and ruled the Latin Empire of Constantinople as regent.
May 21 Olaf the Black a mid 13th century sea-king who ruled the Isle of Man and parts of the Hebrides. Óláfr was the son of Guðrøðr Óláfsson, King of the Isles, King of Dublin, and his wife Finnguala, granddaughter of Muirchertach Mac Lochlainn, High King of Ireland, King of Cenél nEógain. Óláfr was a younger son of his father; his elder brother Rögnvaldr more than likely had a different mother. According to the Chronicle of Mann, Guðrøðr appointed Óláfr as heir since he had been born "in lawful wedlock". Whether or not this is the case, on Guðrøðr's death in 1187 the Manxmen instead appointed Rögnvaldr as king, as he was a capable adult and Óláfr was a mere child. Rögnvaldr ruled the Crovan dynasty's island-kingdom for almost 40 years, during which time the half-brothers vied for the kingship