1239 in history

Born in 1239

Mar 5 Hermann Balk a Knight-Brother of the Teutonic Order and its first Landmeister, or Provincial Master, in both Prussia and Livonia. From 1219 to 1227, he served as the Deutschmeister in the Order's Province of Alemannia. Balk led the crusaders during the Prussian Crusade and became Master of Prussia in 1230. From 1237 to 1238, he also served in the additional role as Master of Livonia
Oct 18 Stephen V of Hungary King of Hungary and Croatia between 1270 and 1272, and Duke of Styria from 1258 to 1260. He was the oldest son of King Béla IV and Maria Laskarina. King Béla had his son crowned king at the age of six and appointed him Duke of Slavonia. Still a child, Stephen married Elizabeth, a daughter of a chieftain of the Cumans whom his father settled in the Great Hungarian Plain
Dec 17 Kujō Yoritsugu the fifth shogun of the Kamakura shogunate of Japan. His father was the 4th Kamakura shogun, Kujō Yoritsune

Died in 1239

Mar 3 Vladimir IV Rurikovich Prince of Pereyaslavl , Smolensk and Grand Prince of Kiev. Son of Rurik Rostislavich
Mar 20 Hermann von Salza the fourth Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights, serving from 1210 to 1239. A skilled diplomat with ties to the Holy Roman Emperor and the Pope, Hermann oversaw the expansion of the military order into Prussia
Mar 28 Emperor Go-Toba the 82nd emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession. His reign spanned the years from 1183 through 1198
Jun 5 Władysław Odonic a Duke of Kalisz during 1207–1217, Duke of Poznań during 1216–1217, in 1223 ruler over Ujście, from 1225 ruler over Nakło, Duke of all Greater Poland during 1229–1234, and since 1234 until his death ruler over only the north and east of the Warta river.
Sep 21 Simon Count of Ponthieu a son of Alberic II of Dammartin and his wife Mathildis of Clermont.
Nov 13 Henry II Count of Bar a Count of Bar who reigned from 1214 to 1239. He was son of Count Theobald I of Bar and his first wife, Ermesinde of Bar-sur-Seine. He died in Gaza while on Crusade
Dec 13 Albert IV Count of Habsburg Count of Habsburg in the Aargau and a progenitor of the royal House of Habsburg.